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Venture Church Easley, SC - Kidworks Ministries

Kidworks Ministries

What Does Our KidWorks Ministry Offer?

Here at KidWorks, your children are our top priority, and we want to spread Christ’s love and life in a fun and exciting atmosphere, all the while providing a safe and welcoming place for your kids to learn. We are so excited to be given the opportunity to teach your kids about the Bible in an age appropriate and relevant way.


They aren’t our future church…they are the church of right now!

We can’t wait for your kids to come and join in on the fun! 

Venture Church Easley, SC Kidworks
"Adventure Depot"
Kids Ages 4 & Up

AdVenture Depot is where kids ages 4 & up interact in small groups and enjoy a multi-media large group experience, strong in Biblical teaching, and crazy high energy fun! Our goal is to instill into them the knowledge of their Creator and His Word so that they can bravely answer their peers’ question. Our children are set apart.

Venture Church Easley, SC Kidworks
"Adventure Land"
Babies & Toddlers

Our babies and toddlers start out in adVenture Land, where our wonderful group of children’s volunteers will take care of your small ones in a loving safe environment. No child is too young to know that Jesus loves them and this simple lesson is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with their Savior!

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